Currently there is only one class in the competition (Open) in which participating pilots fly advanced "Big" wingsuits. The basic pre-requisites are:

  1. Own, and have at least 100 safe jumps with, a large high performance wingsuit.
  2. Have experience flying your large high performance wingsuit in close formation with other pilots, safely.
  3. AADs are mandatory. You must also bring your own personal FlySight.
  4. Be motivated to participate with a positive attitude and with sportsmanship.


  • 2nd WOWS Championships Location: Skydive Perris in Perris, CA
    Practice: January 19, 2018
    Competition: January 20-23, 2018
    Registration Fee: $570 (this includes competition slots only — everyone is guaranteed 10 jumps)

    *NEW: All pilots eliminated from the Championship in Rounds 2 and 3 will compete, for the remaining rounds of the bracket, in a new mini event "The Fast & Flarest”.


We would like to remind you that skydiving is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. All participants must sign a liability waiver.